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Do you want to your ensure your student's college dreams? If so, accreditation is crucial when choosing an online distance learning program. It's important to know that not all K-12 accredited academies are equal. Our accreditation is from National Independent Study Accreditation Council. We have also recently applied to AdvancedED and we are hoping for a future acceditation acceptance.


What does accreditation mean? It means your student's credits are more likely to be recognized when applying for college application or when transferring to another school. In addition, accreditation improves acknowledgment when applying for federal student aid and scholarships for college. In other words, accreditation helps make a clear path toward post-high school success!


Another major benefit of accreditation is that our qualified teachers and staff provide you with an official diploma upon graduation, along with recordkeeping, transcripts, and grade reports as a parent and student support service. Above all, accreditation means that AOS offers rigorous academics that equal or surpass a traditional school and that AOS is actively pursuing excellence by improving school standards.Here are some commonly asked questions about accreditation.


Q. Does accreditation get my student into the college of his choice?

A. Accreditation by NISAC is certainly an advantage, but it's not a guarantee of acceptance. College acceptance ultimately depends on each college's admission process and how attractive your student is as a candidate, based on grades, ACT or SAT scores, and other considerations.


Q. Does accreditation mean credits earned in AOS will transfer to another high school?

A. Accreditation doesn't guarantee transfer of high school credits from one state to another. However, most high schools will accept credits earned through Alpha Omega, thanks to the recognition provided by accreditation through NISAC. The exceptions, if there are any, are districts with policies of not accepting credits from schools outside their own state or from distance learning schools.


Q. Does accreditation matter for my elementary or middle school student?

A. Accreditation matters to students in all grade levels because it is a holistic measure of institutional quality and academic rigor. Accreditation means your K-8th grader is being educated at an academy that has been evaluated and certified according to strict standards of educational excellence. If your grade school student should transfer to another school, you can also be assured AOS accredited status will help your student's coursework be recognized and will reduce the need to repeat coursework.


Q. How does a school become accredited? Are courses accredited?

A. Accreditation is verification by an outside agency that a school is meeting the expectations it has communicated to the public, related to its purpose. Accreditation status is given upon recommendation after an extensive review of a school by the outside agency, and periodical reviews help ensure a school continues to improve. Only a school can be said to be accredited, not its courses or curriculum. Alpha Omega School is also a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).If you are wondering if accreditation is important for your student, sign up for a free consultation or chat with us at 951-766-9300

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