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Self-paced Lessons


Does your student feel rushed through lessons in traditional school? Maybe he feels like his class is moving too slowly? Either way, Alpha Omega School can help with our flexible online academy that allows your student to pick his perfect pace. Often in a physical classroom, the pace of learning is dictated by the teacher or the comprehension of topics by the majority of the class.


In a traditional setting, this leaves out those who require more explanation, and it wastes time for those who already understand the concept. With the freedom of online learning at AOS, lesson pacing is entirely the choice of the student, making learning better, faster, and more efficient.


Find the "Just-Right" Learning Fit at Our Online Academy

Remove the limitations imposed by a physical classroom. Let your student learn what he wants, when he wants, and as quickly or slowly as he wants. Does he already understand literature and poetry? Move faster and get multiple lessons done per day. Are algebra equations more challenging for your learner? Take your time on the concept to ensure mastery. Individualized learning from AOA makes learning what it should be: a joyful, personal journey of discovery. One-on-one teacher support completes this truly custom-fit education model.


Accelerate High School Graduation

Does your high schooler have a high school diploma in his sights? Does he want to get there faster than a traditional student? He can at AOS. Here, you have no penalty for working ahead in earning credits for graduation. Do coursework all year-long or add courses over the summer to accelerate learning. All coursework is accredited, ensuring your learner is prepared for whatever post-high school path he chooses, including college.


Lessons Adjustable to Lifestyle

Is your student always on the go? Do you have life circumstances or unsatisfactory schools in your area that make traditional education impractical? AOS has the solution. No matter your student's lifestyle, online lessons filled with enriching media and dynamic digital elements can be easily adjusted anytime of the year to fit your needs. With our online academy, you can do flexible lessons on the days of the week you want, the time of day that is convenient, and the time of the year is best.


Online learning is perfect for:


Home-bound learners

Overseas students

Athletes or performers who have varying schedules.

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