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Kindergarten - 8th Grade Education


Families love the convenience of online middle schools. Students can learn any time and anywhere. No more dropping the kids off during rush hour. No more waiting for the bus in the rain. If online is not an option we have middle school in consumable books, easy instructions for parents to administer at your convenience in your home. You are required to check in monthly via the internet, phone or mail.


The registration fee is $100.00 per child for K-12th Grade students. This fee is due at the time of application and non-refundable after being accepted into the program.



Kindergarten: $132.95 per month (9 month program)

1-5th Grade: $157.95 per month (10 month program)

                          Add 15% more for online* (Grades 3rd - 5th only)

6-8th Grade: $167.95 per month (10 month program)

                           Add 15% more for online*

All prices include 4 or 5 full subjects, curriculum, grading keys, tuition, monitoring, legal record keeping of cumulative file, and access to tutors at a discounted rate. An extra fee will be charged for additional classes/electives.

**Seniors: If you require additional courses for graduation the fee will be slightly higher



Multi Family Discount of 15% is available on 3 or more children. The discount will be applied to the third child.

10% Discount if tuition is paid in full

Alpha Omega offers three options when it comes to curriculum.


Our first option is our Online Academy which offers a completely virtual educational experience that is graded by our instructors.


Our second option is the Lifepac books of which you the parent will be in charge of most of the curriculum grading.


And our third option is a combination of both.


Online Education:Online Courses are available for any student to take one or more courses while being home schooled through any program in any state. Online Courses are an innovative educational approach to teaching using the internet as the textbook or curriculum.

To see a sample, click link above and use the following information.


Password: 123456

(User ID is case sensitive)

The samples are 4th grade History and Language

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