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Learning is a personal experience. That's why learning should be flexible to each individual student's academic goals. That's what we do at Alpha Omega School! Going beyond the limits of a traditional education, Alpha Omega School creates a unique distance learning environment that is customized around the student. This includes giving parents the power to choose their student's academic path.


We are not public school masquerading as an online virtual school. AOS is truly a private, at-home online academy with Christian academics that is flexible to student needs.


Single Course or Full-time Options

Want to enroll in just one course? How about full-time? Either way, at AOS  you can choose how many courses your student takes. With a wide variety of over 100 core subjects and enriching electives for K-12, you can find everything you're looking for in our course listing! From art and world languages to speech and state history, we offered accredited options your student will really want to take. You can even do summer school!


Is high school graduation your goal? Enroll full-time and choose from either high school diploma or college prep course tracks. Find our graduation requirements on our high school diploma page and read more about our regional live cap-and-gown graduation ceremonies.


Your Own School Calendar

At AOS, you set your student's schedule. Want to learn all year long or take a break every semester? You can at our online academy. We know every student's life is different. To help improve convenience for learners whose schedule needs flexibility, AOS lets parents choose their own beginning date and end date for the school calendar year.


Parents can also choose within their school calendar what days the student learns. Add holidays and non-school days when you want. Make weekends school days (although your student might disagree) or skip school on Tuesdays. Want extra time to focus on a particular concept? AOAS teachers work with you, and lesson assignments are set to your specific needs. (Note: Courses must be completed within 10 months of start date.)


Open Year-Long Enrollment  

Any time is a good time to start. At AOS  you can enroll in courses at anytimesummer, winter, fall, or spring. You don't have to wait to begin enjoying the freedom of distance learning. With our open year-long enrollment, you can take control of your student's education. Forget the pre-set enroll-by dates of other online academies. With AOS, you can start learning when you want.


AOS is also flexible because we offer various curricula formats with online lessons, or print-based workbooks. Mix and match to find your perfect fit!

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