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Multiple Lesson Formats


You want options for your student. At Alpha Omega School,  we give them to you. Because every student is different and blessed with a unique learning style, we offer various curricula to meet individual needs. With our online school, you can choose what's right for your learner and your lifestyle. All curriculum formats are Bible-based and incorporate Christian values throughout lesson structure.


Here's a quick overview of the curricula formats offered:


Fully Online Lessons (grades 3-12)  web-based lessons available via any high-speed Internet connection, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Just log on to curriculum and learn, no matter what computer you're on. Perfect for on-the-go learners!


Print-based Lessons (grades K-12)  traditional paper-based workbooks that are mailed, along with teacher guides to your home. Pick from either self-paced learning or teacher-directed formats. Wonderful for those who prefer a classic approach!


Mix-and-match Lessons (grades K-12)  Want to do some lessons online, some on your personal computer, and some paper? You can at AOC. Mix-and-match to find the perfect fit for your student. Ideal for those who love diversity in learning!


Alpha Omega School takes pride in offering the same award-winning Christian curricula that the trusted and respected Alpha Omega Publications company provides. Joined with the outstanding student support services of our fantastic teachers and staff, our curricula can help your student soar to new heights of achievement.

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