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Our Program

through 8th Grade

Families love the convenience of online middle schools. Students can learn any time andanywhere. No more dropping the kids off during rush hour.  No more waiting for the bus in the rain.


You have your choice of our Online Academy or our school book option, complete with easy instructions for parents to administer at your own convenience in your own home. You are required to check in monthly via the internet, phone or mail.

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Adult Eduction

Make your future brighter and earn your high school diploma! At Alpha Omega School you can attend an accredited distance learning program with online courses that are tailor-fit to your schedule. Whether you're a busy employee or have other life obligations, you can enjoy completing your high school education from the comfort of home, with either individual course enrollment or full-time graduation course tracks.


At Alpha Omega you can truly make your academic dreams come true! Unlike other online academies, here you can truly choose your schedule, courses, pace of learning, and amount of teacher support. Are you a few credits short or have a few years to complete? Our online academy has personalized learning opportunities to fit your unique needs.

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Financial Information

A decision to home school should never be entered into lightly. Success takes a serious commitment. This should be made after not only the rewards but the cost.The largest part of the cost (of course) is the hundreds of hours of time required. Also associated with this are the cost of providing you the covering and the program at Alpha Omega Independent Study Program of Hemet, California.

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9th through
12th Grade

The convenience of at-home distance learning means your student can learn at his own pace and have a more enriched learning experience than in a traditional school.


You will receive a Full Accredidation Diploma from Alpha Omega Academy accredited by (NCA, CASI) an accrediting division of Advance ED. Online Academy enrollment is required for this High School Diploma that is recognized by Universities nation-wide.

Online G.E.D Test Prep Course

Nervous about taking the GED Test? We are here to help! Alpha Omega is proud to offer a GED Prepitory course that will help prepare you with the information you will need to know in order to pass the State GED Test. We constantly hear from Adults who are nervous or scared to take the GED test because they are afraid they are going to fail.


With our GED Online Prep. Course you can now have that needed peace of mind and pass the test will flying colors. You must be at least 18 years old, or within 60 days of becoming 18, in order to sign up for this course.

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Alpha Omega requires that a student complete 225 credits to graduate with a high school diploma. (Credits for high school graduation vary from state to state. Check with your state agency or home school group for specific guidelines.)

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