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Anytime Enrollment


Are you ready to enjoy the freedom of online learning? There's no need to wait to enroll your student at Alpha Omega School! Here you can enroll anytime of the year with our open year-long enrollment. Don't wait until the end of the school year to give distance learning a try. If your student is unhappy in his current schooling, take action by enrolling him here today.


Take control of your student's education. At our online academy, you can choose your own schedule, enjoy the convenience of online courses, and have the assurance of one-on-one student support by qualified teachers and staff. Individualized learning will help your student achieve academic success!


Anytime Is a Good Time to Start

Summer, winter, fall, or spring is a great time to try online learning! Whatever time of the year it is, you can always enroll at AOS. We know that your student's learning situation is not necessarily determined by a calendar date. You may have decided a traditional school is not where your learner excels, but you're not sure how to proceed. We don't limit enrollment to a timeframe, so you can always switch and get your student on the right path anytime, without wasting valuable time.


Single Course or Full-time Options

Do you want to enroll in just one course or maybe want to go full-time? Either way, at AOS, you can choose how many courses your student takes. With a wide variety of over 100 core subjects and enriching electives for K-12, you can find everything you're looking for in our high school course listing or elementary and middle school course listing! From art and world languages to speech and state history, we offer accredited options your student will really want to take. You can even do summer school!


Choose the Best for Your Student

Feel stuck in your current educational situation? AOS's online learning program can help.


Many students who've struggled in a traditional setting have found academic success at our online academy because of:

  • Individualized attention

  • Customizable school calendar

  • Convenience of online course

  • Qualified teacher support

  • Online learning could be the best option for your student! As a parent, it's important to consider all educational options, so don't hesitate trying our accredited academy. Stellar faculty and rigorous academics give your student the solid foundation he needs for the future.

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