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Adult Education


Make your future brighter and earn your high school diploma!


At Alpha Omega School you can attend an accredited distance learning program with online courses that are tailor-fit to your schedule. Whether you're a busy employee or have other life obligations, you can enjoy completing your high school education from the comfort of home, with either individual course enrollment or full-time graduation course tracks.


At AOAS you can make your academic dreams come true! Unlike other online academies, here you can truly choose your schedule, courses, pace of learning, and amount of teacher support. Are you a few credits short or have a few years to complete? Our online academy has personalized learning opportunities to fit your unique needs.


The Value of a High School Diploma

Employers are five times more likely to employ those with a high school diploma over those who don't have one. If that's not enough, listen to this one: high school graduates, on average, earn $9,200 more a year than high school dropouts.* If you're thinking about pursuing a college degree or job advancement, a high school diploma is an essential element on your journey to achievement. Plus, nothing can take the place of the feeling of pride you get when you hold your diploma for the first time!


Flexible Scheduling and Curriculum

AOS has distance learning options perfectly suited to your schedule. Our fully qualified teachers work one-on-one with you to ensure you earn the credits you need, whether you study during the day, night, or on weekends. You can create your own school calendar and choose the number of courses you take. Choose from various curricula, over 100 course options, and enjoy access to friendly teachers who offer daily student support by email, phone, or instant message!


Assurance of Accreditation

Going back to school? We know your time is valuable. When you earn credits at our online academy, you can have the assurance that all your successfully completed courses come from a fully accredited academy. Accreditation means credits will be more likely to be accepted if you decide to pursue college or if you transfer to a different adult high school completion program. Accreditation also means our school offers rigorous academics and is continuously improving school standards!


5 Credits - $200.00 per subject & $75.00 to Register.

10 Credits - $400 per subject & $75.00 to Register.


Subjects Available: English (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior), Math (General), Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Consumer Math, Geometry, Geography, World History, Government/Economics, Life/Physical Science, Biology and United States History.

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