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You Are In Charge of When & Where


Remove the classroom walls. Learning can happen anytime, anywhere at Alpha Omega School! Our faculty and staff know that true learning comes when a student is free to explore. That's why we give students the freedom to learn from wherever they are so they can experience unbound potential. No matter your country or time zone, at our online academy you aren't limited by geography.


Choose your courses, when to take them, and how many to complete (whether a single course or full-time enrollment). Hundreds of students love our online academy and enjoy learning anytime, anywhere!


Round-the-Clock Learning

Who says learning happens from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.? At our online academy, your student can choose what courses to do and when. No matter if you have an early bird or a night owl, you can find the perfect time for your learner to do classes at AOS  Life is unpredictable, so sometimes your week or day might not go according to schedule. That's OK at AOS  because you can make-up lessons according to your schedule.


Does your student struggle at math in the morning? Would you like to do history in the afternoon? You can at AOS. Not only can you do round-the-clock learning, but you can choose what time of day to do coursework. Advanced learners can move as quickly as they like, while struggling students can take their time on concepts. Ideal for homeschoolers and at-home learners alike, the schedule is totally yours!


No Boundaries Education

If you live in Portugal, Peru, or Portland, that's no problem. At AOA, you can access our distance learning program no matter if you're across the state, the country, or the world.


  • Military and missionary families love our program because they can keep students enrolled without having to uproot and change schools every several years.

  • International students love us because even if they are in an area without a quality, English-speaking school, they can access AOS and do coursework according to their schedule.Overseas families often have frequent moves and sometimes have the uncertainty of mobile living.

  • We deliver a consistent schooling experience to students of these families. With international students in over 42 countries (and that number growing every year) you can be assured that our instructional quality transcends country lines. Teachers are always in close communication. Plus, our online student community makes students feel like they're a part of a local school, even if they're far away.


24/7 Online Lesson Access 

Your student can learn wherever there is Internet access. Simply log on and learn– no more heavy backpacks and bulky textbooks to haul around. Whether your student is in his bedroom, at the coffee shop, or on an airplane with wi-fi, he can be learning with our online academy. This universal curriculum access means that even if life events change your day, you can still keep your student on track.


Are you planning a vacation to an Amusement Parkor dashing downtown to run errands? As long as you have Internet, your student can come along and still complete his algebra, reading lessons, or science equations. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, Ignitia has media-rich lessons with fun-filled videos, dynamic learning games, and audio clips. Imagine a school right on your laptop or personal computer that you can take anywhere!


Sure, our online academy makes learning happen anytime, anywhere, but did you also know that we're totally flexible to your schedule and that we provide superior academics?

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