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Official Transcripts


Is college in your student's future? If so, official transcripts are important. At Alpha Omega School,  we know transcripts are an important element in the college application process. To help ensure your student has every advantage, our online academy is pleased to offer all graduates transcripts whenever requested as well as with their high school diploma.


For high schoolers, transcripts hold proof of successful course completion. That's why AOS transcripts include detailed information, including:

  • High school courses taken

  • Credits earned

  • Letter grades for each course

  • Semester and cumulative grade point average


Why Transcripts Matter

We ensure your college-bound graduate receives an official transcript upon graduation. Most colleges and universities require this paperwork during the admission process and use it as an evaluation tool for determine acceptance. Our online academy provides transcripts upon written request. Transcripts also matter if you decide to transfer out of AOS as this gives your student's future school the assurance of credits earned at AOS accredited online program.


Transcript Evaluation for Transfer Students

Do you want to transfer into AOS? You can! With our simple transcript evaluation, AOS will review incoming transcripts for those who wish to switch to AOS's online distance learning program, even if it's part way through high school. We work one-on-one with students to ensure as many courses as possible can be accepted for transfer. We also determine correct placement by evaluating current standing in subject areas and by giving placement tests based on incoming transcript criteria. AOS also records outside elective credits if your student chooses to take a non-AOS course during high school.


Requesting a Transcript Is Easy

It's easy to request an official transcript, and you can do it at any time. Simply call your school service representative or 951-766-9300 or fax a request to 951-766-9330 and follow his directions on how to submit a written request. We'll then send the transcript to you or to the school of your choice. You can request as many copies as you like, and all transcripts are free of charge. 

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