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Learning online is convenient, and so is recordkeeping at Alpha Omega School! Here you'll enjoy the same quality of progress reports that you'd receive at a traditional school. Our qualified teachers and staff maintain various essential records so that you can relax and enjoy the benefits of our K-12 distance learning program, like learning anytime, anywhere and total teacher support.


Your student's records are updated on a regular basis and can be requested by parents at any time. Because online distance learning requirements vary by state, the staff from our online academy provides you with every type of record needed to meet laws or regulations.


Placement Testing Results

During your enrollment process at AOS, your student will complete placement tests to pinpoint his current academic knowledge base. These results help AOS faculty determine the best grade placement for your student and where learning gaps may occur. Tests evaluate your student's mastery of concepts, and scores are recorded as a diagnostic tool and as a reference point to gauge progress.


Grades and Attendance

AOS keeps all your student's grade reports for semester, courses, and for individual tests within lesson units. Final grades are mailed annually and can be requested at any time. If you're wondering what parents are responsible for grading, check out our grading services. AOS also tracks attendance. For those using electronic (online and CD-ROM) lessons, attendance is recorded within the curriculum by tracking login times. For print-based lessons, parents record weekly attendance and submit it to the academy for quarterly review.


College Entrance Exam Scores

AOS encourages college-bound juniors and seniors to take either the SAT or ACT test. These tests help colleges evaluate a student's knowledge level. Test scores are considered by colleges when deciding who to admit. College or university scholarships are also often awarded based upon a student's SAT or ACT score.


Yearly Academic Progress Testing

Is your student really learning? AOS does yearly academic progress testing to make sure they are!  Terra Nova 3, testing is an additional $60 annually. Tests can be completed in the privacy of your own home and compare your student to national averages in the areas of language expression, math skills, and reading skills. Test result reports are sent to parents and are used as a tool to improve instruction.


Verification Records

Some states require verification of student status. AOS provides letters of enrollment to parents who require proof of student enrollment. These can also be used for applying for driver's license and student insurance discounts. In addition, our online academy keeps letters of recommendation written by AOS teachers on behalf of students who are pursuing college acceptance.


AOS also keeps official high school transcripts!

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