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Financial Information


A decision to home school should never be entered into lightly. Success takes a serious commitment, but the end result is rewarding.


The largest part of the cost (of course) is the hundreds of hours of time required. Also associated with this are the cost of providing you the covering and the program at Alpha Omega Independent Study Program of Hemet, California.


The registration fee is $100.00 per child for K-12th Grade students. This fee is due at the time of application and non-refundable after being accepted into the program.



Kindergarten: $132.95 per month (9 month program)

1-5th Grade: $157.95 per month (10 month program)

                          Add 15% more for online* (Grades 3rd - 5th only)

6-8th Grade: $167.95 per month (10 month program)

                           Add 15% more for online*

9-11th Grade: $189.95 for books or $300.00 per month for online (10 month program) 

12th Grade:   $300 per month (10 month program) plus Graduation Expenses

*Pricing varies with the ONLINE Academy depending on the classes needed.

Standard school book options are still available.

All prices include 4 or 5 full subjects, curriculum, grading keys, tuition, monitoring, legal record keeping of cumulative file, and access to tutors at a discounted rate. An extra fee will be charged for additional classes/electives.

**Seniors: If you require additional courses for graduation the fee will be slightly higher



Multi Family Discount of 15% is available on 3 or more children. The discount will be applied to the third child.

10% Discount if tuition is paid in full


Graduation Diplomas: $100.00

S.A.T.'s: $150.00 (Mandatory One time Fee)


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