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Graduation Requirements


Learn what is required to obtain our High School Diploma!


Alpha Omega requires that a student complete 225 credits to graduate with a high school diploma. (Credits for high school graduation vary from state to state. Check with your state agency or home school group for specific guidelines.)


Course Credits

10 unit of credit is awarded in a subject when the course is successfully completed. 5 credits would be awarded for 1 semester of work. A 5 credit course typically takes 90 days to complete and a 10 credit course typically takes 180 days to complete.


Students are expected to be enrolled in at least five classes each year to be on target to complete high school graduation requirements in four years. LIFEPAC® curriculum will be assigned. Additional credits may be earned outside the School if they are pre-approved and meet the requirements as outlined below.


Transfer credits are accepted based on official transcripts and test results. Students who have taken high school courses through home schooling must show mastery on diagnostic tests in order to receive transfer credits. Documentation of course work and evaluation of mastery will be required for all courses, including those not tested.


Of the 225 credits required for graduation, students transferring from a public or private school must take a minimum of 5 of those credits with the School. Home school transfer students may be required to earn additional credits with the School to receive a high school diploma if proper documentation of previous work is not provided. In those cases, more than one year's enrollment may be required.


Parents must list all high school courses taken previously for credit. These should be verified by an official transcript received directly from the transferring school.


Courses Outside Alpha Omega

Students may earn additional credits in courses outside the School under the following conditions:

  1. The course must have prior approval by the School.

  2. The course must be scheduled for a specific time. Instructional time must be 4-5 hours per week.

  3. The course must be considered part of the School required or elective curriculum with a credit value assigned to it.

  4. The course instructor should have qualifications in the field of instruction.

  5. A progress report form must be completed and returned to the School in order to monitor progress and give proper credit.

  6. Adequate verification must be received to show that the course has been completed.

  7. If the course is taken at a local school or college, a transcript must accompany the final quarter report. Non-standard courses designed by parents, churches, etc., must include a content outline reflecting division of material into units, quizzes, a final test, and a list of materials that will be used.

  8. Requests are generally not approved for classes that meet only once a week for actual instruction. Examples include instrumental/vocal music lessons, hobbies, work experience, sports, and fine arts classes.

  9. Transcripts and grades should include a signature of the instructor.


College Preparatory Course of Study

Alpha Omega college preparatory course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance into most universities and colleges. However, because each college or university has its own entrance requirements, the student will want to consult with the school of his or her choice to tailor a high school program which meets the specific requirements of that institution.


Required Subjects (College Prep)     Credits

English                                              40 credits

Math*                                               40 credits 

Science                                             30 credits 

History                                             40 credits 

P.E.                                                    20 credits 

Electives                                          55 credits 

Total                                                225 credits 


*College Prep math should include Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II.

* 10 credit elective needs to be from the Fine Arts or Practical Arts category, and 10 credit elective needs to be a Bible course.


General Course of Study

A student earning the general course diploma possesses credentials enabling them to attend community college, some vocational or technical schools, and possibly some universities.


Required Subjects (General)          Credits

English                                              40 credits

Math*                                               30 credits 

Science                                             20 credits 

History                                             40 credits 

P.E.                                                    20 credits 

Electives                                          75 credits 

Total                                                225 credits 



*10 credit elective needs to be from the Fine Arts or Practical Arts category, and one credit elective needs to be a Bible course.


Admission to Colleges and Universities

Students planning on pursuing higher education should research the entrance requirements of the particular school they wish to attend. The ACT or SAT examination is required for admission to many colleges and universities. These tests are usually taken during the spring of a student's junior or senior year.Upon request, Alpha Omega will send a copy of the student's record to a college or university.

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